Monday, May 23, 2011

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Thanks to a wedding of a good family friend in Georgia over the weekend I got to spend four days away from the real world and, more importantly, the Interwebs. Just like the olden days.

For better or for worse the wedding was at a winery -- my head still hurts as a result. I swear, I need to drink more in order to be able to drink more.

Fortunately the brilliant plan of pouring wine directly into my belly didn't impair my running -- I got in my miles as planned (granted, I planned to cut down on my miles for last week quite a bit). The runner dork in me is apparently stronger than the drinker dork in me. I guess that is a good thing, right?

A few hours after our plane landed I found myself running through a small vineyard and around some soft trails woven through the winery grounds. I sweated off the plane funk (does anyone else feel like the most dirty person in the world after a plane ride?) and got in about 5 miles.

The next up day we were up bright-ish and early-ish for golf. A par three, actually. I've never touched a golf club in my life aside from putt-putt at the beach when I was wee. At first I wasn't sure why we weren't going for one of the 18-hole, par 72 courses. About two strokes in I knew why -- it would have taken me about 89 days to finish. I was so amazingly terrible at it that I spent a good deal of time laughing until I was crying.

"Dad! Dad! I hit the ball off the ground and it didn't even go int the water!," I'd exclaim whenever I managed to not only hit the ball farther than I am tall but not lose it in a pond in the process.

"You look like you are trying to chop the head of a snake with an ax," encouraged my dad.
Bill looks like he knows what he is doing. Don't let
his looks deceive you.
I got all my golf skillz from my dad.

Time to kill a snake.

In case you thought I was kidding about being terrible at golf the above video will convince you that I am not.

The golf didn't quite get my heart rate up so after our 3-hour long game of par 3 I hit the hotel gym for my first treadmill run in months and months. Five miles just about as fast as I could -- GET ME OFF OF THIS THING was the thought going through my brain the entire time. I. Hate. Treadmills.

Fortunately the winery was only a few miles from a state park. It was easy to convince my dad and Bill to head to the park with me on Saturday morning. My dad hiked around for a bit while Bill and I hit a mountain bike trial for an hour run on some lovely trails. I should have packed my mountain bike.

We managed to get scrubbed up enough in time for the wedding. And all the wine that came with it. Ouch.

Aren't my parents cute?


Anonymous said...

Of course you need to drink more to be able to drink more! Drinking is an ability that requires years of practice and training. Like running.. ;-) Truth be told, you look really intimidating with that club!

Abby said...

Um, you're missing a ball in that picture...

By the way, I had three glasses of wine at a wedding Saturday night (three glasses of wine after four hours of biking and running in the sun and not nearly enough food or water). It was not pretty. Though Brent was entertained.

Johann said...

I like the idea of a wedding at a winery. Can just be good...or not. I have never played golf. I don't think I'll ever do.

Joy said...

Now I know who to call when there's a snake in our yard!

Maureen said...

i am crying laughing at my desk right now, mostly because you are as terrible at golf as i am! we should go to the par three out on germantown pike, laugh at ourselves and then get drunk on one cider!

also, thank you for clarifying that it's your mom in that picture with your dad and not you.

Julie said...

We should golf together.
We would probably hurt each other, though :p

Laurie said...

Julie, come on over. According to Maureen there's a par 3 about two seconds from my houes.
And Maureen, I am so in. Joanna can be the DD if we actually bring the spider cider with us.