Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is It Friday Yet?

Geeze, would the race just get here already? For something I registered for about 10 days ago I feel like I've been preparing for this silly thing** my entire life.

I estimate that I am about 81 percent ready for the race. My gear is packed (aside from glow sticks just added to the gear list today -- maybe instead of a race I've actually signed up for a rave. Hmm... that would also explain the last-minute addition of MDMA to the list as well). My race clothes are either sitting in a pile next to a bag or in the dryer, so that's not too bad.

I still have to put my new bike computer on the mountain bike (the mount broke last week) and then figure out how to get my bike on my roof rack. Not as easy as it might sound. I have a secret ... I am short. Not  short enough to be diagnosable but short enough that people feel the need to comment on my lack of tallness on a regular basis and sometimes even pat me on the head. Grr.

When Bill's around he tosses bikes onto the rack with ease. I, however, can't reach. I can get my Cervelo off because it weighs as much as three Gus and twelve ants but I can't reach to get anything onto the rack or to lift my heavier mountain bike off.

If you are driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike tomorrow afternoon and see someone witha  bike bungeed, duct taped, glued and stapled onto her car, please wave. It's probably me.

** Dear Equinox Traverse, I am sorry I called you silly. Please don't kick my ass. Although I am sure that you will.


Abby said...

Night paddling! Fun!

By the way, I totally thought this was going to be a post about a new mountain bike. I'm kind of disappointed that it's not.

Julie said...

Not short enough to be diagnosable? HA!

Patting you on the head - well that's just mean. I bet people try to get away with calling you pint sized or something like that. What's your least favorite "short" descriptor?

Have a blast!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck this weekend, can't wait for the race report.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your bike will accidentally fall off while driving on the highway and you'll have to get a new one...if you haven't already. I'm a little behind.