Monday, November 14, 2011

No Stopping Sunday

I had a present waiting for me in the mail today! At first I worried that it might be anthrax, but then I remembered that's so 2002. Then I worried it might be a tiger, but the package was flat, not roaring and had no air holes.

So I proceeded with opening the package.

What could it be? It was this:

When I ran Boston in 2010 I lamented the fact that I neglected to steal one of the 8 zillion "No Stopping Monday" signs that lined the course. My friend April, marathon cheerer-oner of the universe, happened to be in Boston when I ran and watched me slog on by a few times. Even better, she snagged a sign and sent it my way.

Sweet! I am thinking of whiting out "Boston" and "Monday" and writing in "Philadelphia" and "Sunday" and then making Bill wave it around the marathon course as he cheers his head off on Sunday.


Kate said...

Awesome gift, and great timing!

Good luck on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

That's the coolest gift ever. Can I get one too, despite the fact that I'll never ever qualify for Boston?

Good luck on Sunday!

Abby said...

Very cool sign (and even better that it's actually from the course).

By the way, if it's as humid Sunday as it was this morning, I will not be happy.

Mallory said...

LOVE that sign!! It's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Anthrax in 2002...hahahaha! You crack me up.