Monday, December 12, 2011

Alive and Lumpy

Happy December.

I am still alive -- I've just been pretty lazy since the Philly marathon. It's that time of year that passes for the off season around here, and until I am registered for something I think the lack of training will continue.

It's sort of unfortunate that the off-season coincides with too many opportunities for food (the brownie and blocks of cheese kind of food, not the salad and cantaloupe kind) and drink (the red wine and hard cider kind, not the Nuun and water kind).

I've been playing in the woods a bit and am hoping that 2012 brings lots of time on the trails. There's a 50k in March about 6 hours from Philadelphia that I've had a tiny bit of an eye on but until I con someone into running it it will remain on the "maybe" list. Seems like a lot of driving to do solo for a 6-or 7-hour race.

In the meantime I am trying to convince the snow gods to dump on the east coast -- a lovely new pair of cross country skis and a pair of snowshoes are waiting patiently in the basement.

That is all.


Nobel4Lit said...

Hah, I am also falling into the "lumpy" post-marathon category. I made a commitment to work out 5 times this week... something that used to be "auto" before!

Kate said...

It's good to have a break. I sure need one. Too many races, too close together. My Christmas break will hopefully include lots of sleep and not TOO much of the good food and drink.

Good luck with your snow hopes! You can keep it there, though, until Christmas weekend. :)