Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Unfortunate Sequence of Events

I came across these photos of the duathlon we did back in March. I look like a rock star in none of them.

First we have me getting passed on a climb:

At least I am smiling. And at least I passed her back on the run.

This one is here just because I like it.

Next we have me failing badly at grabbing water out of transition.

Failing at snagging some water after 10 years of racing
apparently makes me smile.

Race photographer John Purcell posted these on his Picasa page. I didn't even notice him out on the race course. He must have a crazy zoom lens or something. Or maybe I am just that focused when I race. Yeah, whatever.


Mallory said...

Haha I love the pics! The one of you biking is pretty sweet!

Maureen said...

for a minute there i thought you were smiling because you finally managed to ditch the po-po that were following you...

Lore said...

Nice, Maureen, nice. And I don't think you knocked the water out of the woman's hand... I think she dropped the water on you purposely. Look at her hand placement and the stink eye she is giving you in the picture....very suspicious.

Jogging with Fiction said...

You look great! I always look like a disaster in race photos even when I try to smile because I know there's a photog (I also like to accidentally throw water all over myself at water stations).

Anonymous said... I feel guilty again.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing photos! I wish I looked half as good in my race photos! And what do you mean get water in the transition? I have to walk, get the water, drink the water and then start running again. Last time I tried to do any of these while running, I was choking for 3 full minutes in the middle of the course. Talk about embarrassment! :-)