Saturday, August 13, 2011


Apparently I am slowly turning into this guy:

It's my feet, you see. Both of them are getting bigger. When I first started running about 10 years ago I was able to easily squeeze my tootsies into a size 7, sometimes a 7.5. My first pair of proper running shoes that I got when I was a sophomore in high school were a 7.5. How do I know this? I still own the shoes, now approaching their 17th birthday.

In a failed attempt to pile all of my running shoes into one spot and determine which ones needed to go to the great shoe rack in the sky I realized that most of my running shoe are now 8s or 8.5s.


I never really pay attention to what size shoes I buy. If they fit, I buy them. But I was surprised to see that my feet are apparently, at the age of 33, growing like mad. I asked my local running store guy about this and he said that yeah, in fact, after people run for a while their feet can flatten and spread out.

Terrible, terrible.

I am just shy of five foot two and am apparently on my way to having catamarans as feet. Please help. 


Abby said...

I'm experiencing the same thing! I've noticed it a ton this summer, though I suspect it's been coming on for some time :)

Jeff said...

That's interesting. I've read that regular barefoot running can actually reduce your foot size (although make them wider)and you can even re-develop an arch. I've only been running five years, so I guess maybe my feet are only beginning their expansion.

Julie said...

You can also gain a shoe size during pregnancy. I used to wear 8.5s and now I'm in 9.5s and 10s...

Laurie said...

So yeserday I was trying on non-running shoes. I asked for them in 7.5s and 8s. The 8s were HUGE and the 7.5s were still too big. And of couse that's the smallest size they had.
My feet grow when near running shoes and shrink when near regular shoes, apprently.
Jeff, I never really had arches to begin with so I am not sure where the big feet are coming from! And Julie, are you telling me that if I ever pop out a kid my feet might be larger than Shaq's?

Mallory said...

Haha poor girl!! I think it's a good trade off though... big feet for a healthy body?!?!