Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Have A Screamer

On Saturday I laughed so amazingly hard during my run. Absolutely the hardest I've ever laughed while running. The hardest I have laughed in months. Wait, that's a lie. The other night Bill and I almost drowned in our tears of laughter thanks to this:

Anyway, on Saturday I was running in the park, plugging along at a relatively hard effort, clomping along on some double-wide trails. A girl and a guy were walking along a bit in front of me. I got closer and closer, sounding like a herd of elephants breathing like a herd of Darth Vaders. I was loud. I got closer to them and, as I was just a few feet behind him, "On your left."

The woman spun around and, at this point, was about three inches from my face.


Not expecting this reaction, I became scared to death so I joined in.


They hadn't heard me, and my apparent ninja self, coming down the trail. And I scared the crap out of them. And then they returned the favor.

"I thought you were going to stab me," the girl said.

"I am not a stabber, I promise!" Really, lady, it is the city and all, but even I don't live in that kind of fear.

And then I started laughing and laughing. And they did too. I laughed so hard I had to sit on a rock so I didn't tip off the side of the trail.

Eventually we were all on our way. I spent the rest of my run yelling "On your left!" the second anyone came into view. Scaring two souls in one run is enough.



Lia said...

I think my favorite part is the fact that you screamed back. This entire post had me cracking up, thanks for the laugh!

Abby said...

I read this five minutes ago and I'm still laughing out loud (at the chicken casserole and at the screamer). And now I'm going to show it to Brent so that he can laugh with me.