Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A, B, C

A) Because neither one of us likes to sit still for too long and because I will apparently do anything to justify getting out of a long run, Bill signed us up for this today. At least I am assuming it was Bill. I checked my e-mail at work today (don't tell my boss) and found a race registration confirmation in my inbox. This year, The Edge is at a park we've raced in once before. The course designers were mean  -- made us paddle for 2.5 miles upstream which was more terrible than you might think. But then they got nicer and the bike course was the most fun I've had on my mountain bike in a race, ever. Too bad I haven't been on my mountain bike in more than two weeks.

B) We have a new buddy in our house. His name is Archie and his favorite book is The Hunger Games.

SPOILER ALERT: He cried when Rue died.

C) My new favorite thing to laugh at is collection of photoshopped pictures taken from a stockpile of photos from a hidden camera in a haunted house. I realize I think this is so much more hilarious than it actually is.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be fine if you've only been off the mountain bike for two weeks. I hear it's just like riding a bike.

Kate said...

Just the haunted house pictures alone were pretty darn funny, and some of the photoshops were straight hilarious.

Your cat looks like a slightly older version of my son's kitten (who can't yet read).

Anonymous said...

A) you people are crazy!
B) cat has a good taste in books. though cat is slightly over-sentimental..
C) can't comment. still laughing..

Nobel4Lit said...

Cute cat!! Makes me feel bad that I just yelled at mine for sneaking into my closet!

Laurie said...

All y'alls comments are making me laugh as hard as I did at the peeps in the haunted house.

Johann said...

Looks like a crazy but great race. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. I love all cats (actually all animals). Thanks for the smile!