Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best 83 Cents I've Ever Spent

I found myself running early for a hair appointment after work on Tuesday -- an oddity already. I rarely get my hair cut (I am cheap and lazy) and I even more rarely run early, especially for after-work things as I get stuck late at the hospital more often than not.

What to do with the 45 minutes I had to kill? REI, right down the road from the hair cut place. I had about $25 in cash and no credit card as my wallet was stolen last week (fun) so I planned to just wander around, maybe try on some downhill boots and drool over the skis just put on display.

Cross-country gear was tucked behind the massive downhill display. And there it was -- a pair of xc boots marked down from $109 to $9.93. Brand new with the tags still on! Size 37 -- too small for me, I thought, but I decided to try to stuff my boat feet into them anyway. They fit! A miracle! Neither too big, nor too small, neither too hot, nor too cold. Just right!

I skipped to the check-out, hugging the boots to my chest. And it turned out I had a random $9.70 credit on my REI membership, bringing the grand total of my purchase to a bank-breaking 83 cents.

The downside to my purchase? I don't own cross-country skis. Or poles. Or bindings. So right now I have a sweet pair of boots that I got for a steal that will lead to about $300 leaving my bank account. A bonus, though, is that Bill apparently ordered skis and boots last week so at least I will have someone to ski with. Here's hoping for another winter with 787 feet of snow.


Julie said...

Got to love a deal like that! My MIL shops like that all the time. She'll come home with a new jacket from Macy's and say, they had to pay me a $1 for this. HA!

Mallory said...

That is probably the sweetest deal on sports apparel I've ever read! That's so awesome!!

Nobel4Lit said...

Score!!!!!!!! I should hit up REI soon. =P

Anonymous said...

It's like it was meant to be.