Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Am Dumb

I like to get to races early, never less than an hour before a race starts. Waiting around chills me out and gives me time to figure out what I am doing with myself.

Today, though, was absurd.

The Dirty Bird was what we thought we were waking up to do this morning. We drove and drove to French Creek State Park (about an hour away) and when we got there it was us and a bunch of hunters and shotguns. Did we sign up for The Most Dangerous Game by mistake?

When we got to the start area, nothing except an empty tent. And worms for sale from a vending machine.
Thanks to this convenient machine we
grabbed lunch after our run.

Looks like something fun might occur here at some point
But not on November 27.
We thought that we had maybe gone to the wrong part of the park so we drove around for a few minutes and I got out of the car to go pee behind a tree. During my misdemeanor, Bill (who was in charge of this outing) checked the race Web site on his phone. I got back into the car and he looked at me like he was a bit worried I would hit him with a hammer.

Bill: Hey, I love you.
Me: What did you do?
Bill: The race is tomorrow.

For about 4 minutes I was pretty pissed. And then I got over it.

Since we drove all that way we decided to run anyway. We ended up doing about 6 miles and had the entire park to ourselves except for the hunters in trees shooting at things.

When we got home, Bill checked his planner. In giant letters under Saturday, November 27, it said this: DIRTY BIRD 15k TRAIL RUN.

Why did we insist this race was on Saturday? Why are we dumb?

Tomorrow: The Dirty Bird. For real this time.


Bill said...

The blame for this mistake has shifted toward you throughout the day. Team DonoStew is really coming together.

Joy said...

So you get to get up early two days in a row!!!

Mallory said...

Awww man!!! That sucks! Good luck today though!!!