Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Apologizing for This Post In Advance

It isn't late enough to actually attempt to sleep before tomorrow's half-marathon. It's also too late to start drinking or do anything fun so Kate and I are sitting around doing nothing. Tomorrow will be her second 13.1.

Me: How are you feeling the night before your second half-marathon?
Kate: I hurt my back moving some hangers in my closet today. So there's that.
Kate's Husband, Steve: So we are at home and she was upstairs and I heard her yell, "AHHHHHAHAHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I asked her what happened. "I moved my hangers oddly," she said.
Me: Uh, who does that?

Me: If you develop raging diarrhea again like you did at your first half (last year's Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon) what's your plan?
Kate: You are asking me what my diarrhea plan is?
Me: Yes. Yes I am.
Kate: I would stop. Right there in the middle of the race.

Kate: Do I wear underwear with my running shorts?
Me: No.
Kate: Um, are you absolutely sure?
Me: Absolutely.

We need to just go to bed.


Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to go to sleep after all! Good luck with the half tomorrow!

Nobel4Lit said...

Ha ha... those built-in undie shorts DO cause confusion...

Kate F said...

So as it turns out, I guess I did not have to enact the DPA - until AFTER the race, that is. Next race I'm loading up on fiber. No more pasta, no more coffee. Just lots and lots of fiber.

Mallory said...

That was awesome.