Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love nature, I really do. Except for snakes.

I always thought I hated snakes but never really had an encounter with one to prove my theory. Until Monday. Bill and I went for a rather warm run in Yellow Creek State Park. The run started out fine for the first 12 seconds or so. Bill led the way and I was about 4 or 5 yards behind.

And then he yelled "Snake!" and jumped to the side. Before I even saw what he was talking about I apparently jumped in the air 88 billion times. "The less time I spend on the ground the less chance I have of actually touching the snake," I told myself as I jumped and jumped.

After I started jumping slightly less I remembered I had my iPod so we could time our run and also video any rogue snakes we stumbled upon.

Seriously, the thing was about five feet long. And scary. And it hated me and wanted to eat me, I just know it. I sort of wanted to punch it in the face but I try to be kind to nature and the snake was, after all, just being a snake. Hanging out, enjoying her Memorial Day, probably hustling down the trail to get to a barbeque, planning on having a few beers, maybe set off some fireworks.

But seriously, snake, please never come near me ever again.

Fortunately the rest of the running I did while visiting Bill in the boonies were uneventful and snake-free.

See? Snake-free and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You mean that you just kept on with your run after the encounter with the snake? Wow! You are brave!

Laurie said...

Ha, we'd been running for all of 30 seconds before coming across this scary thing!

Mallory said...

Snakes creep me out so badly!!!

Johann said...

I must admit I like snakes. Must be because I grew up with them in and around the house. Still, one always have to be careful. My trail season is mainly during our winter so I don't see snakes very often while running.