Sunday, September 11, 2011


I keep trying to make plans for the weekend of September 24. Dinners, happy hours, runs and races. "I have a free weekend!" my brain keeps telling me.

Except I don't. I have a 30-hour adventure race five hours from home.

Miles and miles of open-water paddling on the Chesapeake Bay and/or the giant ocean has me the most nervous. Hopefully we will get boats with motors attached, but I doubt it.

Also hopefully, there won't be any hurricanes/floods/crazy rain/etc. that have pelted the east coast over the past 10 days (wiped out a lot of Wissahickon Park, sadly, but I am currently too lazy to upload pictures).

I am fine with running and biking in the rain but paddling in a storm? No thanks. Unlike most adventure races this one looks like it will be paddle-heavy -- up to 35 miles in the boat with only 15 to 25 miles on foot and 80 on bike. Doesn't play to my strengths at all, but Bill is coming off of a minor foot injury so the course could be to our benefit.

But man, 35 miles on open water? Grr.

The good news is that I think we will place well in the 3/4-person co-ed division. Because we are the only one in it.

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