Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Runs In the Family

Watch this. Be patient. Or just skip ahead to about the 2:35 mark.

Can you guess the runner I am related to?

If you can't guess, read this

Or read this.

So yeah. The kid who loses the fight with the rando pole is my cousin Ben. He went on to finish the race and while he didn't place as well as he had hoped thanks to taking a giant metal pole to the eyeball he still finished well into the top half. Once he managed to scrape himself and his retina off the ground and get moving again.

Now Ben, imported all of the way from Maryland to Philly for his running talent, goes to the same college I went to and is gearing up for what I am sure will be one hell of a freshman season of cross-country running.

Welcome to the big, dirty, nasty city, cousin. It's a hell of a place to be a runner.