Monday, September 26, 2011


Storm the Eastern Shore went well. I have no idea how we placed other than we most def did not win our division. There were only two teams, out of about 25, and the other 3/4 person coed team is nationally ranked and cleared the course hours before anyone else even crossed the finish line.

We even managed to squeeze in a few optional points this time around. I never felt tired except for about 30 minutes toward the end and I didn't feel like I was slowing down the boys, either.

However, I am covered in mosquito bites. Even though I doused myself in DEET a billion times and basically started drinking it, those little mofos loved me. I have about 55 bites at last count and want to hire someone to come over and scratch the one between my shoulder blades for me.

I am also itchy in my brain -- adventure race season is more or less over (there's one more short sprint we might do in a few weeks) and I want to have a long race on the calendar. I am already calling for a reunification of the Bees' Knees for the Rev3 next year, but that race isn't until the end of April.

A real race report to follow soon. Ok, maybe not soon, but in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

but running season just started? Hmm... no? Not a little bit of consolation? ;-)

Kate said...

Yay...another adventure racing blog to follow! :) They're soooo addictive...and we could race most every month if $$ was no issue. I'm full on hooked.