Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Wish Brightroom Didn't Charge $4,573 for a 5x7

Dear Brightroom Photography,

Thank you for taking pictures of me running the New York marathon. How kind. While the photos of me during the race make me look like I’d rather be stabbing my eyeballs with pine needles while marching in a kiddie pool stocked with sea urchins, I truly appreciate the effort.

The finish line shots are, quite honestly, awesome. My face looks exactly like I felt—really, really happy. And there are several shots of me looking this way. I would love to purchase even one, just one. However, for a 1x2-inch picture, you want me to pay you $3,897. Plus shipping and handling. I sort of hate you for that.

Thus, I am drawing my own finish line photo, for free.

Here it is:
Thank you, also, for the offer to purchase 25 Christmas cards of me running the marathon. However, why would anyone want pictures of my sweaty self to arrive in the mail around the holidays?


Laurie C. Stewart


Mallory said...

HAHAHA I LOVE your finish picture. I truly laughed out loud.

.:Ash:. said...

A price like that for a finish line picture? Sure, it's great that you actually like the photo. But, I mean, for that price, you could do the whole thing over again and cherish the feeling a second time rather than relive it through an overpriced photo. Tell that to Brightroom! Ha!

Joy said...

I will buy one for you :-)