Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I Did Outside in 2010

I don't have a year-end total of how many miles I've run, how fast/slow I have gone, average heart rate or elevation gain. I did take pictures from time to time though. 2010 was a pretty good year for me in terms of playing outside...

On New Year's Day I watched Bill bobsled ...

... and then followed it up with a cross-country ski.

The next day we skied at Lake Placid. Year is off
to a lovely start.

I slogged to the finish of the Boston Marathon with a smile
on my face.

Marshmallows outside of a ...

...tipi! We celebrated our second anniversary in style.

My best cheerleader (although my mom and dad are pretty
good too)...

...cheered me on to a solid finish at a beach duathlon.

My brother-in-law Kevin did the tri. Had a successful day as
he didn't have to be rescued from the ocean like many of the athletes did.
Followed one duathlon with another. Did OK but, thanks to my
beer gut, the chick behind me here passed me in the last half-mile.

I rode roller coasters with The Iceholes ...
... tried to cheer the Phillies on to another trip to the World Series (but watched
them get the boot from the playoffs instead) ...

...but did OK in an adventure race the next morning anyway.

I finished the New York Marathon...

...see? I did it!

I got to a race a bit early ..

... and ended the year soaking wet.


Mallory said...

Such a cool year of photos! Looks like you had a great year!

Joy said...

I knew my high school cheerleading would come into good use!