Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I Am Doing In My Winter

It is fianlly snowing. Sweet. Went for a run for about an hour on the trails. Aside from the rando dude on a road bike barreling down a technical hill (like, on a Scott road bike, on rocks and roots. I was impressed. And bewildered) I had the park to myself.

Outside our door looks like this right now:

The advantage of living across the street from the popo
station is that our street is plowed early and often. Meaning
I have no excuse to not go to work tomorrow.
Happy snow.


Abby said...

After a nutso day of trying to get back from NOLA in this blizzard, we pulled on our microspikes and went for a night hike with the dogs. I love snowstorms. Tomorrow? Snowshoeing and xc skiing! Maybe we'll see you out and about in the Wiis :)

Laurie said...

Glad you made it back! And also sort of impressed. I am jealous -- Bill hasn't gotten his skis yet and I haven't gotten my snowshoes. We were going to go to REI today but by the time we got back to Pa. we didn't think it was wise to go.
Maybe I can convince Bill to go on Tuesday before all the snow melts and we can go for a snowshoe on Wednesday.
Bill will be in the park tomorrow I am sure. I will be at work. Grr.