Monday, February 21, 2011

I Hate Technology and Shopping for Running Shoes

I've been trying to register for the Washington, DC edition (it's actually about 45 minutes west of the city, but close enough, I guess) of the North Face Endurance Challenge trail race since Saturday. I checked the site that morning to make sure that registration was open, called a friend to make sure she was in for the race, went back to register and apparently the North Face hates me becaues the site has been down ever since.

I miss paper race registrations. I sort of hate technology sometimes. Unlike Kip.

Here's something else that I hate: Trying to buy trail running shoes. Seriously, all I want out of life right now is new trail runners. I've called six (6) locan running stores -- none have the ones I want in my size. I sort of gave up on the ones I wanted and headed tonight to REI thinking that I could at least utalize Bill's employee discount. Except this season someone made the brilliant decision to carry a total of four women's trail running shoes. Mostly Gore-Tex, which I didn't want, and mostly a brand that I have an awkward past with -- they've added a nice collection of blister scars to my already nasty feet. The one remaining pair was apparently designed to be worn by someone with feet the width of a pencil.

So instead of running shoes I stocked up on enough Gus and Lunabars to carry me through the 2012 season and a fleece. Because my secret goal in life is to own 5,678 fleeces. Fleeci. Fleece?

My rant is now over.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

My goal in life is to own 78,692 solid colored, fitted t-shirts. I also like yoga pants and shorts. Good luck finding shoes!

Mallory said...

Fleeci. Ha that cracked me up!! I still think the plural of moose should be meese. Goose = geese, so to me it makes sense! Sorry you're having trouble finding the shoes you want. It is a lot more fun picking things out in person, that's for sure. Any luck signing up for the race?

Elizabeth said...

I normal have the same problem with online registration really miss my paper too.

Sorry you are having problem finding the trail shoe you want

Julie said...

technology is my nemesis (one of many).
Nothing ever turns out right when I do it online.

Give me a paper form and I'll hand you a paper check.

Yes! I'm old and I'm ok with that :D

kilax said...

Yes, I love technology...

Not all the time though.

You will have to tell us which trail shoes you end up with if you find them. I am curious!