Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Hates Adventure Racing?

I don't hate it. Not at all.

And I think you won't hate it either.

When else in life can otherwise (mostly) responsible adults run and ride around in the woods, paddle in a boat and challenge their brains in the process by navigating from point to point old-school style? When was the last time you had to bust out a map and compass at a road race?

There's food at the finish line, the people are pretty cool, and, mile for mile and hour for hour, registering for an adventure race is way less expensive than just about every road race out there.

Especially when the adventure race is free. Adventure racing Abby is giving away a free race entry for either of two G.O.A.L.S. 2011 sprint adventure races. Grab a friend or two, your bikes and your trail running shoes and get ready for four to six (depending on how fast you feel like going) hours of playing in the dirt!

How cool are we? Gaiters, orange race jerseys, bike gloves
and climbing harnesses.


Abby said...

Adventure Racing Abby... I could get used to that.

Anonymous said...

adventure race? That sounds so cool! I have never done one of those before. Though I must admit they look kind of too ... too... to me. Maybe when I tough up and be a total badass myself! :-)

Mallory said...

Haha I just read Abby's blog right before this and thought "oh no, she got Laurie too!" I think it sounds SO cool! But very intimidating right now!!

Laurie said...

Greek and Mallory -- To me, if you can properly train for and successfully complete a half-marathon you can properly train for and successfully complete an adveture race. Try it. Everyone is doing it. No peer pressure here.