Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NomNomNom and Random

For me, adventure race training is more about time on my feet and bike -- just keep moving-- than speed. I've wrapped up each of the past two weeks with about 12 hours of training time complete. For me, this is a lot.

This might sound decent on paper, but my body is well aware that I am trying to get it into shape for a long, slow (hopefully not THAT slow) 26-hour slog through northern Virginia in April for the Rev3 -- it makes me hungry all of the time. Normally I am not a breakfast eater -- now I am . Oatmeal? Yum! Bananas? Fantastic! All before I make it out the door for work (meaning that I am even later than usual).

Throughout the day I have my usual four or five moderately healthy snacks, do some sort of exercise and then it is time for dinner. I talk myself out of having a 78-course meal topped off with a box of Girl Scout cookies and throw together something that has at least an ant-sized amount of healthiness to it and then call it a day. I am not a calorie counter, but I try not to eat too much crap, even when I feel like scarfing a block of cheddar cheese, a large onion and green pepper pizza and a pound of pasta. Terrible.

Unrelated: The screw shoes work pretty well. Between schlepping around on snowy mornings and some longer runs on the trails I am happy with the way they are helping me not crash onto the icy, junky ground. As an added bonus the total bucks spent on this arrangement was $2.50. Sold.

Still unrelated: I need a new pair of trial running shoes. Five years ago I bought a pair of Nike trail runners that I loved and that were then promptly discontinued. They are past the point of no return and the pairs I have had since then have ranged from terrible to passable. Right now I have a pair of Asics (that were turned into the screw shoes) that I don't hate, and a pair of Brooks Cascadias that I don't hate either (but they just don't fit right... the laces come untied if I look at them funny and my feet slip around them all while feeling too small). I am looking for something I love, and I want to find them soon so they can be cozy and broken in in time for the Rev3.

That is all.


Mallory said...

Mmmm girl scout cookies. I need to order some!! Thanks for the reminder!!!! I go through cycles of eating where I will eat everything in site and then a week or so later I can't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

New shoes! I love buying new running shoes. But only because I always get the next version of the same shoes. Now that I am thinking about it, I don't know what I would do if my running shoes got discontinued...

Laurie said...

Greek, this happens to me all of the time -- I find THE PERFECT shoe, and then it is gone forever. When I find a shoe I really like I stock up on a few extra pairs but there still comes the sad day when I have to find a new shoe to love.

Abby said...

It's funny - the past couple weeks, I've been feeling (a) like I don't feel like cooking, and (b) like I don't feel like eating. I have no idea why (I'm pretty sure I can blame it on the commute - because I've decided that I can blame everything on the commute!), but food just feels like a chore.

That's not to say I haven't been eating plenty of it, of course :)

(By the way, I've had the same experience with the cascadias. I'm a big fan of the montrail streaks. Have you ever checked them out?)