Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Have I Done?

I am now completely convinced that the reason the North Face race registration Web site was down for four days was the universe trying to tell me not to register for the 50k portion of a race festival the weekend of June 4.

But the site started working again. And so I registered. Seventy-five bucks seems like a bargain for 31 miles , right? Plus registration includes a t-shirt! Sweet! I need more of those. The three bins of race shirts that live underneath our guest bed need more company.

As soon as I hit the "confirm" button I'd wondered what I had done. 2011 was supposed to be the year of backing off a bit but now I find myself registered for sort of a lot of races.

How does one train for a trail 50k? I am not really sure, but I am going to guess that it includes a lot of running.

Unrelated: Here's a link to a guest post on Have Dental Floss, Will Travel a few weeks ago. Just in case you were wondering why I like to adventure race. Really, it is all about the peanut M&Ms.


Anonymous said...

Race T-shirts are a huge motivation for registering for a race. All fifteen hundred of them and especially those X-large ones. They can double as bedsheets! So, t-shirt and M&M's might make me consider a trail run. If I survive the marathon road race that is...

Mallory said...

Congrats!! You will rock it, Laurie, no doubt!!!

Laurie said...

Ha, Greek, you're right -- I can totally use some of the gigantic shirts as bed sheets. Some are HUGE -- too big for my husband even who is 6 foot 2.
And trail running is really, really fun. In some ways it's easier for me than road running because of scenery and paying more attention to what is underfoot. In other ways it is harder -- per mile my pace is generally about 2 miles slower than it is on roads.

Abby said...

You'll be totally fine!

A couple trips around the Wissy loop and you'll be good to go. Let me know if you ever want company :)

Anonymous said...

I asked my husband this afternoon how long he would run (without stopping) if the equivalent amount of work was removed from his plate. He said he would run 10 hours non-stop if he had to do 10 hours less work. This is the same guy that struggles with anything longer than 2 miles.

So I said, "You're telling me you think you could run...tomorrow...without ultra-marathon?"

His response? "Yes. As long as I could go really really slow."

So I don't know why I'm telling you all this in the world's longest comment. Maybe it's to say that if my husband can do it, you most certainly can.