Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Girl and Her Trainer

After two days at a conference on pediatric and neonatal palliative care and hospice I was ready to clear my heart and brain with a few hours of outside fun tonight. The weather, however, was not on my side.

"A wintery mix," the weather people predicted. For those of you living in warmer places, this is east coast speak for "We don't really know what's going to happen, other than it will likely be cold and likely involve some sort of crappy hybrid of rain, sleet and snow pelting you from the sky."

Last week it was 75 degrees. This week it's freezing temps and junk pissing from the sky. Snow I could handle but this stuff is just nasty.

After stopping at Trader Joe's for Indian food and bread and at the state store for 13 bottles of wine (dinner of champions) I got home and faced an important decision: Two hours of drinking wine or two hours on the trainer. I picked trainer.

Instead of playing outside I spent my evening on my bike in the basement, staring at the cats' litter boxes, a dehumidifier and a shop vac (I will spare you pictures of this breathtaking view).

I don't mind the trainer but I am getting a little bit sick of it, I must admit. I've spent 13 hours on the bike in the past week and 7 have been on the trainer. How sad is that?

So sad that being on it now makes my face look like this:
Good thing I am a shorty -- I dont' hit my head on the
pipe when I climb.
I had my iPod on shuffle. Out of 2,346 songs it played "The Snow Is Gone" by Josh Ritter twice. Seriously, shuffle? Why do you mock?

Looks fun, huh?

When I got bored at looking at the litter boxes I would just look to the right to see our new mountain bike tires hanging from the ceiling, soup, pasta, candy corn, Febreeze, a giant thing of Folgers and oatmeal. So fun. Also, yes, you can live with us and our stockpile from BJs if Armageddon comes. The thrills of buying in bulk for two people.

And sometimes when I am in the basement I get creeped out because it sort of looks like the basement from Silence of the Lambs. Fortunately there's no well for people and no dog named Precious to creep me out even more. However, there is a cat named Bob who likes to stand next to the trainer most of the time when I am on it.

Animals are weird.
That is all.


Mallory said...

Hahah I love the pictures on this post!! Snow covered our cars and ground as I woke up this morning. Thankfully it didn't stick to the roads!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Julie said...

The sun did not shine
it was too wet to play
so we sat (biked) in the house
on that cold, cold wet day.

Jogging with Fiction said...

My dog just sits and watches me when I'm on the treadmill. Sometimes she tries to lick my legs as they go by...weirdo.

It probably would have been smart of us to put our treadmill in the basement, but I'm actually terrified of the basement, so we put it in a guest room instead.

(we buy in bulk for two people too)

Abby said...

Man, I'm still impressed that you can get through that much time on the trainer without any Rags to Riches or Breaking Away to distract you... As soon as we get a treadmill for the basement, we're also putting a tv down there.

Natalia said...

Oh this post had me in stitches! I loved all of it. Yes, I empathize with the bomb shelter-silence of the lambs kind of atmosphere. Our house in Switzerland is 4 stories of sheer glass. No curtains. This means anyone can see you walk up and down the stairs etc. Anyway, in the basement we have a nuclear bomb shelter required by Swiss law, complete with chemical toilets and bunk beds,air filters etc and filled with food (which we brought with us to the US as there was so much of it). I did not like going downstairs much. You are very brave.

Anonymous said...

A couple things...

1) I like your shirt.
2) The Snow is Gone...ha!
3) It's pretty cute your cat sticks around while you bike.