Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Segue-Free Tuesday

  • Bill is currently putting new tires on our mountain bikes. Supposedly the lil' knobs allow for smoother road riding with less effort. Not sure if I buy it but the upcoming 60+ miles on Skyline Drive are hanging over my head so I will take whatever help I can get.
  • In addition to currently putting new tires on our mountain bikes Bill is also cussing at his bike breaks and the low ceiling in our basement that he keeps hitting his head on. Anyone have any good suggestions for disk break upgrades? His basically seem to suck and are constantly giving him problems.
  • But he did make vegan goodness for dinner, complete with every vegetable currently in season. And he scrubbed basically the entire house. Hooray! Happy Tuesday to me.
  • He also got my mountain bike overhauled. New bottom bracket, new chain, new thingy on part of my rear derailleur.
  • Training has been going fine. Nothing amazingly good or bad. I've decided to focus more on the run/trek than the bike this week. I just realized that June's 50k isn't too far away, actually, and that I therefore need more time on my feet right now.
  • It is supposed to snow here toward the end of the week and Saturday is supposed to be cold and grody out. Spring, come find me. I am ready.
  • I have a guaranteed entry into the New York Marathon this year. Running it in 2010 was a giant ball of fun and I am tempted again this year. I have a month to decide. And will probably take 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to do so.


Joy said...

I'll say it again...."He is such a nice boy!!"

Mallory said...

Wow, what a great hubby!!! Sounds like he did a lot! Why wouldn't you run NYC?

Jogging with Fiction said...

It's supposed to snow here too...not looking forward to running in snow for the half!

Don't you LOVE the bean brownies??

Abby said...

Can Bill take care of my bike, too, please?

Pretty sure that it's closer to 35 miles on Skyline Drive. Of course, most of them are uphill, but...

Laurie said...

I so love the BBBs. Now I know better than to tell people what they are actually eating as I had a few people decline. They are a zillion times better for you!
Abby, yes. We are the same size-ish so I am sure Bill could convince REI people that your bike is actually mine and get it worked on on the way cheap if not for free. Plus then they would think I was cool for owning two mountain bikes.

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed entry huh? I'm going to assume you're not a member of the NYC Road Runners club and actually ran it last year like you said you did. Therefore, I have to conclude that you are fast. Actually, I think I already figured that out. Do it!