Friday, January 7, 2011

I Am Lazy

In sorting through some older digital pictures I found this gem. Instead of helping to portage a canoe during an adventure race I decided it would be easier to carry all of my gear, my teammate's gear and our paddles. I've managed to prove that it is possible to be active while being amazingly lazy all at the same time.

I am ridiculous. I also look like I am trying to steal 88 loaves of bread under my race
jersey. As an added bonus I look completely miserable.
That is all.


Natalia said...

Hmmm....don't know about the lazy bit. That stuff weighs a ton. I don't know about paddles, but I used to carry an oar sometimes (to go rowing), and that was heavy!

Abby said...

I have a picture of myself from the Untamed last summer, carrying roughly 80 pounds of gear around my neck as my teammates portaged our canoe and kayak.

Carrying the stuff is no joke!

Mallory said...

Haha what a great picture!!!

Thanks for the book recommendations! I know what you mean about DK. He can be a little self-involved but I think it is pretty amazing what he can do!!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

LOL! Great photo. I look the same way bringing in groceries.