Friday, January 14, 2011


Julie at Adventure Is Out There tagged me! I am it! And apparently also stylish!  So, now I get to share seven things about me … hmm. I think I am going to make none of them about running/biking/snow/being outside. This could be difficult.

7) I like to stay up late. Very late. Regardless of what time I have to wake up I never climb under the covers until at least 12. As a result I have an excessive hatred of mornings. Apparently I was like this from the moment I shot out of the womb. The night before a race or even before a training run (on the days I manage to drag myself out of bed before work to get in some miles) I usually sleep in my running clothes just to stay in bed for a few more minutes. I am not making this up.

6) The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a nun.  I watched Sound of Music over and over again (I still watch it more than most 33-year-olds I know). My favorite book for years was Bernie Becomes a Nun. From the age of five until about seven this was one of my favorite books to read and to have my parents read to me. I wonder if it is still in their house somewhere because Amazon is selling this thing for 90 bucks! I am not making this up either.

5) The first country I visited was Portugal in the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I went with some friends from my Spanish class and my Spanish teacher. I don’t remember a lot about Portugal, other than it must have made a good impression because I want to go back. That, and that, along a river there, there is a statue of Jesus that has a three-meter nose. Our tour guide didn’t know a ton of English and just said over and over again, “That is a statue of Jesus. Jesus has a three-meter nose.” Don’t believe me? Go to Portugal and see Jesus’s three-meter nose for yourself.

4) Three cats live in our house. They are called Vivian, Bob and Kevin. Before we had Kevin we had Barbara. Bill took her to a farm last summer where he says she is now living happily ever after. My mom worries that if we ever have kids we will name them Fluffy, Mittens and Cupcake. She is probably right to be worried.

Philadelphia Folk Fest, circa 2006. Freakin' dirty hippies.

3) Depending on how beer snobby I am feeling my favorite beer is either Golden Monkey or Miller Light. The family we camp with at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (we go just about every year) even named our camp site The Golden Monkeys in honor of the beer. Depsite having a zillion folk fest pictures this is the only family photo I could find that also sort of shows our Golden Monkey flag. The Golden Monkey beer, unfortunately, didn't make the picture.

2) In high school I was voted class clown. All of my other friends got “most likely to succeed” or “smartest person ever” or “most likely to do something with their lives that will actually improve humanity.” Oh well. At least I could make people giggle.

1) I think oranges (or any fruit even slightly similar to an orange) are disgusting as is yogurt with fruit on the bottom.

I am too lazy to tag anyone else, so that is all. Happy Friday!


Mallory said...

Haha awesome!! I think that's so funny you wanted to be a nun! What changed your mind??? :)

Julie said...

You wanted to be a nun, I wanted to be a librarian... You have a cat named Bob, my cat's name was Dave...
I knew I liked you for a reason :-)

Thanks for playing along, that was fun to read!

Abby said...

Until a few years ago, the only Philly folk fest I missed was my freshman year of college because I was stuck at orientation. Love it.

Laurie said...

Mallory, I seriously thought that nuns were people who at first got to sing in the mountains, then got to go live in a big house, then sing songs, then hike across the Alps. I had little concept of what nuns actually were or did.
Julie, why, may I ask, did you want to be a librarian?
Abby, we didn't go last year because my brother-in-law was getting married and Bill just got back from school. Just got a save-the-date from a elementary school friend ... her wedding is the same weekend as the folk fest is this year. Her wedding is also in Maine. Decisions.

Julie said...

Because I love books, of course! ...and the dewey decimal system :-)

But it seemed a little dull to everyone else...and everyone I talked to always said I would be an old-maid if I became a librarian...a cat lady, if you will.

I spent several hours curled up at Barnes & Noble last night reading books. Some things never change!

Laurie said...

Ha, Julie, I am amused! The other day, as I sat and had a cat in my lap, my husband reminded me that I should be thankful for him because I would otherwise be a cat lady :)