Saturday, January 15, 2011

Less of a Lump This Week

Today ends a week of a decent amount of training. I am not yet training for anything specific but am trying to get some endurance back into my legs. About 15 miles of running, three hours on the trainer and two lifting sessions at the gym are helping me to feel less lumpy. Plus special guests snowshoeing and climbing.

I tested out the snowshoes on Wednesday morning. The trails I was on had already been well-traveled from the previous night’s snowfall. Exposed rocks, roots and dirt didn’t seem like a good way to break in my snowshoes so I headed off trail, up and over a few hills. It was fun! The shoes worked well and I was neither freezing nor soaking wet by the end. Plus the bindings were easy to get in and out of and to adjust when I needed to.

The next morning my alarm went off crazy early (for me). Fortunately, it was so early that it was a shock to my system, jolting me out of bed. I met up with Abby for a snowshoe through a mix of blazed trails, creek crossings, and off-trail exploring (mostly by accident – we’d be on the trail and then, 8 steps later, realize we lost it).

Somewhere along the way Abby convinced me to go, along with her husband and Bill, rock climbing at the local gym after work. In a time long, long ago where I went to the rock gym three or four days a week, I had arm muscles, core strength and my hands were callused and capable of dragging along the climbing wall without drawing blood.

I was sort of nervous as we walked into the gym, worrying if I remembered how to belay, if I’d be able to make my way up even a 5.4. Fortunately, I didn’t send anyone plummeting to the ground and, while I didn’t climb well, I wasn’t as amazingly terrible as I thought I would be. And now I want to go back.

Best two-a-day ever.

On Friday, a minor miracle occurred. I got up early again! I rode my trainer for a bit and even managed to get to work almost on time. Over two days I proved to myself that I can get up in the morning and get in a substantial workout if I want to (the problem is that I generally don’t want to).

Today I stared at Bill for a few hours while he worked on a paper and then went to the gym. Aside from the dude who watches you swipe your id card to make sure you aren’t trying to exercise for free, there was no one there. Weird, but nice. I lifted some things that were mildly heavy and then called it a day. My excuse? The Chilly Cheeks trail run is in the morning and I didn’t want to wear myself out.

That, and lifting is boring.


Natalia said...

Very nice start to your training! Great combination of exercises. I have missed a few posts on your blog, but am looking forward to catching them up! Not been feeling too great.

Mallory said...

So much fun! I love climbing! Sounds like you had ag reat day!!

Jogging with Fiction said...

I want to try snowshoeing! It looks sooo tough though and I'm a wuss in the cold.

I'm looking into making my t-shirts available for people! I'll post on the blog when everything's figured out!! Thanks for reading