Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Toy

Bill must work at REI forever and ever as my life of playing outside depends on his discount. Tonight's purchase? Snowshoes.

I finally decided on a pair after testing just about every model in the store. Uh, it is hard to test show shoes when not on snow. I almost tipped over 21 times. Well, either it is difficult or I just fail at snowshoeing . Through process of elimination, including nixing a pair that apparently need to be used only by people who wear a size 22 shoe and some with pink flowers on them, I made my pick (Atlas 923s, in case you randomly care).

Do you think they will work if I wear pj socks?
And if I leave on the tag?
I almost snagged a pair of cross-country skis and boots too but the size skis I needed were out (well, I could get shorter ones and then lose 10 pounds in order to have them work... alas, I like cheese and beer, so I will wait until some roll in in my size).

Supposedly Philadelphia is going to get a few inches, maybe more, of snow over the next two days. I hope we do so I can test out these clompers. Of course, making this purchase guarantees Philly won't see a single snowflake for the rest of the year. Oh well.


Mallory said...

Love the snowshoes!! Maybe I should go get some snowshoes too as we're supposed to get hit by the storm pretty hard here too!!! (Outside Providence, RI)

Maureen said...

most people get bread and milk when snow is expected...
just sayin'

Julie said...

Snowshoes are totally on my list of presents that I would present to myself if I had any money in my pocket!! Fun times! Hope you get lots of snow!

Natalia said...

Nice, and useful to know which kind you got. Enjoy, they look like fun. As for working at REI, you are lucky to have a connection there!