Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lady On the Treadmill Next To Me at the Gym Ate Chicken While on Said Treadmill

See post title.

Seriously, she was eating chicken out of a bag while on the treadmill.

Eww, gross.

This is yucky to me for many reasons. First, chicken fat residue on the treadmill controls. Second, the smell of chicken while trying to run a hard 5k sort of made me want to barf. Third, why even go to the gym if you are going to eat fried meat while exercising? At least she was multitasking?

The upside was that the chicken smell made me want to get away so I ran the 5k almost at race pace.

I apologize if this post seems mean, but the surprise at seeing someone eat fried food while exercising is just too bizarre not to share.

Has anyone else encountered anything this strange (or this counterproductive) while at the gym?


Mallory said...

Kinda like seeing people walk out of the gym and light up or talk on their cell phone about how trashed they got last night. I don't know how you made it through that. Seriously I would have barfed, but I would have at least aimed at her!!!

Laurie said...

Funny you should mention the cig thing -- there's a woman who always pops up at most of the adventure races I do. She smokes immediately before the start, I've run into her on the course and she's smoking and she immediately sucks down a few at the finish. The killer is that she isn't crazy slow or anything!

Abby said...

Seriously? Seriously? This post isn't mean - it's disgusting! The worst I've seen at the gym is people sauntering along with their phones glued to their ear. Seems to pale in comparison to this.

I know the smoker you're talking about!

Anonymous said...

HA! I have definitely NOT experienced anything like that. Love the post title!

Natalia said...

Yikes! Really?! I would object....loudly. The smell alone would kill me. I can put up with a lot - that no!

Julie said...

THAT is very weird.
I remember seeing someone eating a McDonald's hamburger in the ladies restroom one day while she watched her friend change a poopy diaper. People do weird stuff.

I've seen quite a few people at the gym lately smoking either before they enter or right after they leave the gym. I figure it's new years resolution people, so I give them a big thumbs up for trying to improve a step at a time.

Lore said...

That sounds amazing and delicious. I'm going to start bringing a little finger-licking KFC bucket o' chicken and biscuits next time I need to swim a few laps in the pool.