Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fake Thanksgiving

My subconscious goal for 2010 is, apparently, to gain 88 pounds between November 1 and January 1. So far I have had two Thanksgiving dinners and it is only Wednesday. Sloth world, here I come.

Sunday marked the sixth (or so) annual Fake Thanksgiving, so called because it 1) does not involve Thanksgiving day and 2) does not involve meat. Our friend Lori is a vegetarian, as am I*, and our husbands (hers is called Dave) are not but they indulge us by having a turkey-free pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner. What nice boys they are!
We had a very beige, but very delicious, dinner, topped off with Billy’s Best Pumpkin Pie. Hooray!
Wine, people and beige food.

Kevin eats some mashed potatoes. Don't worry, we
will wash the dish before you come over for dinner.

*Except on marathon days and on the occasion when I eat a giant pile of fish.

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