Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Can Officially Complain!

I voted, but pretty much for all the wrong reasons. I got up early but went for a run instead of for a vote and decided that if I got home from work on time and felt like it, maybe I’d swing by and do my civic duty.

Work was pretty insane today and by 2:30 it became apparent that I wouldn’t be leaving even close to on time. My boss freaked out a bit, and, concerned that I hadn’t yet voted (I am late to work daily – she didn’t have to ask whether I voted in the morning), sent me away during a few quiet minutes to vote. Hopped in the car, drove back to the ‘hood, flew into the old church behind our house, voted a straight ticket because I wanted to punch those people less and zipped back to work.

What is terrible is that I only voted because I wanted to get away from the job for a bit and the field trip to the polling place appealed to me more than being at work. Usually I dig my job but today made my head spin (the highlight was catching a group of kids throwing firecrackers off a three-story balcony onto toddlers) even more than the bobos running for office so I fled when my boss told me to flee.

Until next year …

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