Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our House Is In This Trailer. I Love Our Hood.

We bought our house in the hood about 3 1/2 years ago for the following reasons:
  1. It was for sale. Helpful when buying a house.
  2. It wouldn't make us housepoor. Bill is a non-tenured professor and I am a social worker. Thus we don't bathe in balls of cash.
  3. It was exactly where we wanted it to be (although a fun and convienet chunk is currently closed due to a collapsing bridge, which makes me grumpy.).
  4. When we first saw it, neighbors were nice to us. And they still are.
  5. It needed no real work. We could just show up with our junk and a few cans of paint.
  6. Plus, this. Our street was shut down for a week or so about two years ago just before the election. We weren't sure why other than we got a letter asking us to take down our Obama '08 sign. At first we thoguht Philly had suddenly gone Republican but then the catering trucks, lights and cameras settled in. A movie! Annoying (some chick with a headset once asked me to not run because during the time period when the movie was set said "white people didn't live here then, at all, and no one ran in spandex.") but also sort of fun. Our house is in the trailer just past the half-way point. How random.
I love G-town!

That is all.


A Serial Entrepreneur said...

I live at 5th & Thompson in Philly, in the hood. LOVE IT!!


Laurie said...

Got 3 stars in The Inquierer, so how bad could it be?