Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Peeps

I have cool friends! And family! And husband! While most of them don’t geek out about running, biking or playing outside quite as much as I do, they are nice to me when I am excited about a race, training, piece of adventure racing junk or a new shoelace for an old pair of running shoes. 
Bill, me and the crack of dawn for a race.
I’ve run the Columbus Marathon thanks to friends who live along the route and who came out to cheer me on even though the temps were below freezing, gone to my parents’ house for the weekend only to spend most of the time running, had them visit me in Philly just to see me go by a few times in a duathlon. Cousins-in-law and grad school friends took us in when we went to Boston and made sure I was properly fed and watered before the race. I am headed to New York this weekend for the marathon where a free pillow for my head awaits thanks to a friend I met in preschool. 

And then there is Bill, cheerleader extraordinaire. He hopped on a plane to Columbus and then basically dragged me to the finish line so I could qualify for Boston, set up shop along the Boston route at 7 a.m. to see me go by once and has carried his weight in team gear in just about every adventure race we’ve done together. How nice is that? He’s been at almost every race I have ever done, either cheering me on or racing himself.

My current favorite nice thing is the hat my friend knitted for me to help keep me cozy during my weekend in New York. I can’t even floss without tying my hands together and she knits me a hat with runners on it with actual yarn. Fantastic. Having peeps like this makes gallivanting about way more fun than if I was in it alone!

My new running hat makes me crazy.

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