Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goal Achieved! Sort Of.

I have a dream: To be on Biggest Loser.

I am exaggerating, but only a bit. I sometimes think about gluing myself to the couch and living exclusively off of Oreos, Crisco and Cheetos dipped in Big Mac Special Sauce just so I can gain weight ASAP and go live in a place where they feed you veggies all day long and where you get to play outside and exercise with bitchy Jillian and lil’ Bob yelling at you.

That was a run-on sentence.

Today, a dream undeferred. We don’t have cable because a year of cable = the cost of a year of racing, we like to pretend that we would rather read books and we are also boring. Thus we are relegated to watching whatever the major networks decide to blast through the airwaves. Tonight our choices were something involving country music (Q: How many times can country music people have awards shows? A: Eight times a week.), something else, ping-pong on the occasionally brilliant channel 10.3* and a Biggest Loser update show. Score!

This year some of the past contestants ran the Boston Marathon. They didn’t show them actually running the race, just checking their bags and walking to the start line. Because we all know that checking bags is the most exciting part of running a marathon.

Randos were shown, however, crossing the start line of wave two. One of the randos was me, easy to spot in my bright blue-shirted glory. Bill and I saw me at the exact same time, pointed at the TV and laughed, laughed and laughed.

“Did you just see that?” Bill said.

“You mean me crossing the start of the Boston Marathon on a Biggest Loser special?” I asked through the hilarity. “Yes, I just saw that.”

Two goals smooshed together – running Boston and Biggest Loser. Now I no longer feel the need to switch to a crash diet of scrapple and E-Z Cheez.

See? I am E-Z to spy.
*AKA Universal Sports, where, in the course of a few hours, you get ice skating, curling, beach volleyball, adventure racing, the Giro, the Boston Marathon and the Ironman championship from 2002. How sweet is that?

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Abby said...

You know, we gave up cable two years ago for similar reasons, and then realized a couple weeks ago that it's actually cheaper for us to have it than not to have it. Seriously! We're now paying $10 less a month for cable, internet, and phone, then we were for just internet and phone.